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Post Production Prestidigitation
(Voice Cloning Magic)

With Coqui text-to-speech, post is a pleasure. Effortlessly clone the voices of your talent and have the clone handle the problems of post: script changes, diction problems, accent improvements, brand issues, the list goes on.


Import the production or auxiliary audio assets, e.g. recordings of your voice talent, into Coqui's pipeline with the click of a button.


With the click of a button, you can clone the voice of your talent and add that cloned voice to your 'post toolbox'. This clone can assist with script changes, diction problems, accent improvements, the list goes on.


Once you've cloned the voice of your talent, you can use it to work magic in post: punching-in script changes, modifying diction, replacinig brand names, tweaking accent... Anything!


Whether prototyping or premiering, deployment is a click away, bringing production times down from months to minutes.

Prestidigitation Possibilities